Following a service trip after Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which devastated Central America, a plan was formed to meet the needs of the people burdened with the darkness of crushing poverty. Education was the answer. In 2003 a school was established for the purpose of producing specific skills for the local job market. One Life at a Time was founded on the principles of providing an education to break the cycle of poverty and to teach self-reliance.

Twenty-five students made up the first graduating class in which all students participating obtained jobs at the end of the year-long curriculum. Their employers were impressed at the practical skills the graduates possessed. Their salaries were multiples of their families’ prior incomes! One Life students are given the opportunity and skills to break the cycle of poverty.

We now have two schools in Honduras with around 1100 students annually. One Life plans on expanding into other developing countries. If you would like to help the mission go here.


  • 4310 students served
  • 77 new companies created in 2015
  • 1477 missionaries prepared
  • 2563 jobs acquired
  • Salaries increase by $208/month (essentially double prior income levels)
  • 44% of students continue on to higher education


Board of Directors

David A. Christensen
Sterling Tanner
Merrill Bateman
Brody Holbrook
Bruce Hough
Brent Sloan

David A. Christensen is currently the CEO of One Life at a Time. David holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters Degrees from BYU. Professionally he is has been on the faculty of Brigham Young University Idaho, owner of D.A. Christensen and Associates and Capacity Training. He has authored two books and is currently working on others. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Rose Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) that promotes, supports, and establishes educational opportunities K through 8th grade for children in disadvantaged areas of Guatemala.


Sterling C. Tanner is the President and Executive Director of the Forever Young Foundation, an organization founded by Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young. The Foundation’s mission is to pass on hope and resources for the development, strength, and education of children. Sterling previously served as CFO of Anasazi Foundation, a nationally accredited non-profit organization serving youth with substance abuse, emotional, and behavioral concerns.


Merrill J. Bateman is well known for his professional and educational accomplishments as well as his exemplary leadership in the LDS Church as the Presiding Bishop. A graduate of the University of Utah in Economics, he received a doctorate degree from M.I.T., was an assistant professor of Economics at the United States Air Force Academy, a professor at Brigham Young University, and, later, was the Dean of the School of Management at BYU, and was President of BYU from 1996 to 2003.


Brody Holbrook is committed to helping One Life expand its mission to help less-privileged people to become self-reliant. He earned his B.A. from BYU and then later an MBA from Duke University. He was the Senior Vice-President with JJ Cole Collections, helping to build a successful brand and profitable company. He is currently a member of the Founders Board for the Jeffrey D. Clark Center For Entrepreneurship at the Utah State University Huntsman School of Business. He enjoys his family, sports, and being active in the outdoors. He also enjoys teaching at the USU LDS Institute of Religion.


Bruce R. Hough has been involved in a number of entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial, corporate business and public service ventures over the past 35 years. He also has served in various civic positions including committee assignments on the Parks and Recreation Board, as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, and as a City Councilman in South Jordan City, Utah. He was Chairman of the Utah Republican Party and served as member of the Republican National Committee and as Utah’s elected Republican National Committeeman.


Brent Sloan brings to One Life a strong business sense and expertise in the franchising model, as well as a keen interest in sharing his experiences. Brent is the principal of BaseCamp and Songo Grande. He currently serves on several boards including Hale Centre Theatre, Discovery Gateway, Spotlight Theatre Company, and the Children’s Theatre.


We are independently audited by a third party company. If you would like a copy of the form 990 please email info@olaat.org.

One Life at a Time has a proven track record of financial performance. Each dollar donated is used in an effective and efficient way. We feel that each dollar is sacred. Every donor can rest assured that the gift they make goes to educate people and break the cycle of poverty.

To help provide our donors with the peace of mind they deserve we created this snapshot of our financial status. Please feel free to let us know if there are any questions or if we can provide you with any additional information.

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