One Life Schools

One Life schools were established to provide education and break the cycle of poverty. We currently have two schools in Honduras, with courses in english, graphic design and creating enterprise. Students learn self-reliance through the “Service for Education” model. Students that complete the courses are likely to get internships, new jobs, start their own business or attend a university, including the BYU-Idaho Pathways program.


Many young adults in Central America desire to serve LDS missions but cannot afford the items needed to prepare. One Life students can qualify for clothes, shoes, luggage and dental and medical exams in preparation for their missions.

So far One Life has helped over 1350 students become full-time missionaries

Service for Education

One Life students are committed to 40 hours of community service in return for their education or missionary items. The service both improves the community and teaches the student self-reliance.

Academy for Creating Enterprise Chapters

Graduates from our Creating Enterprise Course become a member of a chapter that supports our graduates, giving them additional training and mentorship.

Alumni Association

The One Life Alumni Association is dedicated to ongoing graduate participation. Alumni are taught to monitor new possible job opportunities for graduating students. Regular workshops are held for students and fellow Alumni, as well as members of the community on a broad base of topics such as: financial management, marriage and family responsibilities, community and church service, food storage, self reliance skills, and health and nutrition.

School Model